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Let's Play!

One of our ministry partners, Esther Moreno, said it best:

"Children’s Ministry should be FUN! For a kid, fun commands attention. A little comedic flare breaks down walls, builds trust, and ignites excitement in the heart of a child. I am telling you, if you work it right, it will position their hearts to receive an even greater message. So yes, make your time with kids impactful. Make it meaningful. Do all the things. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it fun!"

We agree!

And so do educators. According to The Teacher's Corner: Making Learning Fun, fun activities helps to engage kids and participate. "Having fun while learning also helps students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable"

And scientists are on board too! Recent research, including brain mapping, demonstrates a significant link between fun and long term memory and authentic learning. That's pretty impressive!

And we know that memorizing and learning aren't just important in the school classroom. So this is a perfect intro to our latest resource, Games Let's Have Some Fun!:

We are excited to share this compilation of tons of game ideas for teaching Bible verses, review games, or just for fun. Although originally written as a resource for our IMPACT KiDS! after school Bible clubs, these games would be FUN in any ministry setting with kids: Sunday school, children's church, midweek, Awana, etc.

From our website menu, choose "Freebies" and scroll down to "Game Resources" in the pop up menu.

Let's get busy and have some fun!

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