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Is it legal to conduct after school Bible clubs in elementary schools?

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YES! The Supreme Court of the United States decided on June 11, 2001 that faith clubs cannot be discriminated against in public schools.


In other words, if a school offers any other after school clubs, they must, by law, allow faith-based clubs to operate under the same conditions.

Why would we start a ministry outside the church when we have a hard time getting enough volunteers for our church programs?

Outreach missions is different from ministry inside the church.

Jesus commanded us to "GO" and that means outside the four walls of the church.


Did you know that eight out

of ten children may not attend

church? Only two of those ten

would have the opportunity to

hear about the hope of Jesus.


If not you or your church…who?

How is reaching kids outside of the church different than ministry inside a church building?

The greatest difference is that many children have no understanding

of spiritual things.


They do not know:

There is a God who loves them and wants

to have a relationship with them

Jesus made a way for them to be with God now and forever

The Holy Spirit will guide


comfort them

The church provides a place to be loved, taught, encouraged, and challenged (discipleship)

How does it work?

Churches enter into a partnership with Next Generation IMPACT. We provide the curriculum, training, tools, and support to help your church team establish a club at your local school or anywhere outside your church walls... for FREE!

What is the first step?


Pray to find a "CHAMPION," a person who is passionate about taking the Gospel to public spaces, including schools. The champion wants to make a difference in his or her community.


When you find the champion, that person will put together an eight-ten person team in no time!


The next step is training, which we provide. Every other step takes shape from there and Next Generation IMPACT provides suggestions and resources.

How will we know what to do?

This is a partnership. Next Generation IMPACT will support you with a host of free resources, full time access to us- answering questions, explaining how things work, training your team, troubleshooting, encouraging, and helping you any way possible.

Our heart is to reach the next generation!

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Where can we find curriculum to reach kids outside the church?


Next Generation IMPACT has developed several years of IMPACT KiDS! Every lesson of this strategic curriculum was written to be relatable

and relevant to the lives of the kids of today. 

But that's not all. Every lesson is also...


Every lesson has the
Good News of Jesus
at its core and seeks to
lead the next generation to
understand how to have
a relationship with Him.


Every teaching, program, and event has personal spiritual growth as its goal.


Every lesson gives ample defense of the Gospel
in simple, everyday language that’s easy for children
to understand.

How much does this ministry cost?

Next Generation IMPACT Foundation funds the development of curriculum and resources, and provides everything for FREE to partnering churches, those who commit to starting a club.


If the church can help support the foundation to help keep these resources free, we ask that you do just that. Many churches do not have funds to operate, and paying it forward helps these churches. We’re all in this together!

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On average, a starting club can expect 50-75 children. Sometimes clubs are larger depending on how your team advertises and promotes the ministry. Club size can also depend on other activities going on in the school at the same time.

Yes! Teenagers are perfect for after school clubs because they draw kids like nobody else. Just like adult volunteers, they should be trained and screened (and background checked if age 18 or older).


YES! And if your church wants to get excited about planting churches, start hosting and conducting after school Bible clubs! Your church’s reach and influence will spread very quickly.

IMPACT KiDS! in action

Click here for next steps. We can't wait to partner with you!


Let's keep in touch. We want to share about all the new resources we are developing so you and your church can take advantage! 

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