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Reach kids and families in your community!

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All parents can use a break!

Your church can provide that break and a night of fun for their kids... with an opportunity to share the Gospel. 

Parents will love the attention and care you show their children and the kids will have so much fun they will want to come back.


Check out our FREE themed Parent Night Out "kits" that provides everything you need to host a fabulous outreach event:

  • Supply List

  • Brainstorming Ideas

  • Volunteer Roles

  • Stage Games

  • Large Group and Team Games

  • Center and Rotation Activities

  • Bible Teaching and Verse with Gospel Focus

  • Printables, graphics, and more

Are these really free? Is there a catch?

They are really free with no strings attached.
Next Generation IMPACT Foundation is able to develop and provide FREE resources and curriculum thanks to our generous supporters.

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