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The Greatest of these is Love

What would you say are the two greatest needs of every human on planet earth? If you said LOVE and ACCEPTANCE, you would be correct. Our desire to be seen and known and still loved unconditionally is the greatest cry of our hearts.

three crosses on the top of a mountain with a dramatic sunset with hues of red behind them. Some of the words of 1 Corinthians 13:13 are across the top: "...the greatest of these is love."

Herb Kelleher, the late founder of Southwest Airlines, said, “I’d rather have a company bound by love than driven by fear.” Herb nailed it. We act differently when we know and feel we are loved, don’t we? We walk with more confidence, energy, and enthusiasm. We have a greater understanding of our interactions with others. We can even make more sense of this crazy world. Only love can move and inspire us toward permanent change. That’s why 1 Corinthians 13:13 says there’s “faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

But are you aware that many cultures across the globe don’t allow for the element of love? Just as Hitler, during the Nazi era, annihilated entire regions of the world while training his "youth” to hate everyone, there are many rulers today who rule with an iron fist, not allowing space for love.

Sadly, from their first breath, many children growing up in such environments never experience love. It nearly takes your breath away to think about this horrifying fact!

On the other hand, God IS love; He doesn't simply HAVE love. He sees everything about us and still loves us. He formed us in our mother's womb, He guides us, lets us know He's always with us, and hears and answers our prayers! God is a “see-everything-about-me-and-still-wants-me-to-be-His-child” kind of God. He sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue us by dying on the cross! All so we could know this kind of love! THIS is the Gospel. THIS is the reason our entire staff and volunteer base do what we do day in and day out, making great sacrifices of self, to give hope to the next generation. We won’t stop sharing God’s love with them... until every child hears.

When you support Next Generation IMPACT with your prayers and financial gifts, YOU are sharing God’s love. Take a look at this map showing global IP hits for our website last year, including downloads of our free resources for kids. Do you notice MANY nations who operate under totalitarian rule, yet someone there is searching for God’s love?! How exciting to think of the IMPACT we are making.

-Ron Tant

President and CEO

some photos of IMPACT KiDS! after school Bible clubs along with stats highlighting the impact of the ministry: 19 countries and 46 states using resources, 5 outreach toolkits available, 71 lessons published and 10 to be published this month

Logo for Rock Your Block summer outreach toolkit for Block Party, a theme centered around legos, creating and building

Reach Kids this Summer!

It’s not too late to think outside the box for summer ministry.

This new summer outreach toolkit has everything you need to plan and lead a fun week with kids in your neighborhood or community!

Assortment of examples of resources and activities from the Block Party toolkit

And... it’s totally free, just like all of our resources!


Using IMPACT KiDS! Curriculum?

This brand new Facebook group is for users of our curriculum and resources. It’s a place to share updates and ideas, ask questions, share prayer requests and encouragement as we work together to impact the next generation! If you are on Facebook, we hope to see you there soon!


You Can Make an IMPACT and Keep our Resources Free

We are able to develop and provide FREE resources and curriculum thanks to our generous supporters.

There are three ways to give:


Next Generation IMPACT

PO Box 1082

Monroe, GA 30656


Text an amount to 404.738.7864


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