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Storms. Ferocious.Terrifying. Life-changing.

In John 6:16-21, Jesus knowingly sent His disciples into a storm. He compelled them to get into the boat and leave Him. Jesus knows everything - past, present, future. So why would He do such a thing, knowing they’d all be terrified?

This passage has 4 miracles: Jesus walking on water, Jesus inviting Peter to walk on water, Jesus calming the storm, and Jesus taking them and the boat immediately to land.

Jesus wanted to show them that what they were freaking out about, He was walking on top of!

Our perspective is that our storms are life-threatening; to Him, an opportunity to show His power over ALL creation.

This week let’s be reminded of…

◦ Jesus’ power to be above all things

◦ Jesus’ call to us to join Him above all things that terrify us

◦ His calming voice, saying “I’m here in your storm!”

◦ Jesus inviting us to stare our fear in the face, and,

◦ His ability to, in an instant, get us safely to land

Father, we know You take us through experiences to conform us to the image of Your Son, Jesus Christ. In our fear, speak peace over us and still our hearts, bringing us back to solid ground with You! Thank You for Your perfect Father-heart for us. In the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN!

-Ron Tant, Founder, President and CEO

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