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My AirPods went missing 51 weeks ago. But who's counting?

There are few things in life that stress us as much as losing things. You search, pray, lament, retrace your steps, and then pray some more.

My AirPods went missing 51 weeks ago. But who’s counting? I searched everywhere to no avail. AirPods make phone calls easier, especially while driving.

Recently, while visiting family at the coast, I picked up a beach chair, unzipped the pocket to store my keys and voila! There were my AirPods. Are you serious? It’s not possible. I was stunned. And the most amazing part of the story is that when my phone recognized them again, they still had 38% charge!

I admit to you that there are worse things to lose. 2 Chronicles records the worst thing you can lose: God’s Word was actually lost in the temple. The truth was lost in the very place the truth should always be!

For all nations, there are two famines: one of food, the other of truth. As a nation, we have lost sight of truth; we are literally in a famine of truth. Frankly, we have intentionally lost the truth. And without truth guiding our society, we are stressed and in chaos. We are seeing evidence of that everywhere today.

The great thing about Josiah finding God’s Word in the temple is this: it started a revolution. He threw out all the gods of stone and wood and returned Israel to the one true God.

May we be reminded this week that ALL truth comes from God’s Truth - His eternal Word, and may we keep preaching God’s truth in love until He calls us home.

Lord, until you come again, You told us to be busy about Your work. Give us wisdom and understanding in proclaiming Your truth to a deeply desperate world! In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

-Ron Tant, Founder, President and CEO

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