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"I've been alive fewer years than the times I have moved."

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Did you know that the average military child will move six to nine times during a school career? Military families move three times as often as their civilian counterparts.

April is the Month of the Military Child. What better way to acknowledge and celebrate than hearing from someone who grew up as a military child. Read on to learn a little about Christian Hester from Pratville, Alabama.

As a military brat, I have been alive fewer years than the number of times I've moved. However, this hasn't been all bad. I've learned the importance of friends that turn into family and that, no matter what situation you're in, there is a lesson to be learned from it.

Since I've grown up in many homes and states, I have been given opportunities that would normally pass by the average person. I have made relationships that can only be described as a blessing.

Christian Hester

Pratville, Alabama


There are over a million military children of active duty members worldwide. Due to the stresses, demands and challenges of military life, some kids struggle. There is a higher percentage of military kids who have anxiety and depression than in the civilian population.

Our ministry truly sees the military child and is passionate about IMPACTING them with God's love and the hope we can only have through Jesus Christ.

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