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Updated: May 15, 2023

Responding with Love and Action to the Rise of Unchurched Families

In an increasingly secular society, the number of unchurched families in the United States has been steadily growing. The statistics speak for themselves, with approximately 26% of Americans identifying as religiously unaffiliated. As believers, it is essential for us to respond to this trend with love, compassion, and a commitment to sharing the hope and power of the Gospel!

rows of pews in an empty church

One significant trend that stands out is the generational divide. The younger generations, are increasingly disaffiliating from religious traditions. Changing societal attitudes, skepticism towards the church and the Bible, and distrust of "organized religion" are some contributing factors. This trend is significant. In fact, 1/3 of Millennials and Generation Z identify as religiously unaffiliated. If families don't bring their kids to church, how will they hear about Jesus?

We cannot ignore this shift. It's actually an incredible opportunity to connect with and invest in the lives of these children and their families. We need to be intentional, engaging with them, showing them the relevance and impact of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We need to create and a non-threatening environment where they can encounter the love of God, learn about His Word, and experience His transforming power!

But how do we impact these young families if they aren't coming to church or attending church events? One of the most meaningful ways to make a difference is by building relationships: engaging in meaningful conversations, listening to questions, doubts, and experiences. This offers the potential to share the hope and truth found in the Gospel through meaningful relationship. How do we get the change to build these kinds of relationships? We have to spend time together! Let's go to our neighbors.

overhead view of a suburban neighborhood

One exciting opportunity is hosting a "Rock Your Block" event at your home or in your neighborhood. Next Generation IMPACT provides this summer outreach kit with everything you need to plan and host this event: fun and engaging games and activities, meaningful Bible teaching, promotional materials, Gospel resources, and more.

Graphic with Rock Your Block logo and the Emotions theme

There is no question that we are called to share the good news of Jesus with those who have never known Him By embracing this mission of leaving the walls of our church buildings and doing ministry in our communities and neighborhoods, we can make a profound impact on unchurched families! And Next Generation IMPACT is here to partner with you and your church to do that! Let's take action together, ushering in a new era of spiritual revival throughout our communities.

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