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Needs Are Everywhere

As we look all around us, we see needs everywhere. Great needs. Basic physical needs like food, clothing, and shelter. Serious mental and emotional disorders that go untreated. Great political needs to rid us of corruption at the highest levels. Educational needs among our young that keep them trapped in a cycle of despair. Needs are everywhere.

Until we find Jesus and invite Him into every area of our existence, this badly broken world doesn't make sense. Jesus came to fix our brokenness. When Jesus fills the many voids of our lives, we then have received a "Kingdom that is unshakeable" and cannot be destroyed no matter what else goes on around us.

Our national board, staff, and volunteers thank you from the bottom of our hearts for not only seeing the needs around you but giving the greatest gift anyone could ask for, the opportunity to know Jesus Christ!

This year, many children have heard the old, old, story and received this unshakeable Kingdom, thanks to your faithfulness to support this great mission with prayers and gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving! And may we truly "be thankful and please God by worshiping Him with holy fear and awe."

Until every child hears,

Ron Tant

Founder, President and CEO

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