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We can depend on God's Word all the time

One of the things that sets apart IMPACT KiDS! curriculum is our commitment to apologetics. What is apologetics? It is simply a defense of our faith in God and His Word. Has there ever been a time when the world was so skeptical and disparaging to God, the Bible and the Christian faith? We want kids to be equipped to defend their faith and to not be shaken!

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Check out this teaching segment from our IMPACT KiDS! series, How Can I Know God?

The corner of an envelope with an American flag stamp in the upper right corner

I got this letter in the mail today, but I’m not sure what I should do with it. How can I be sure it’s really for me?

Sure, my name is on the front. But that is probably just a coincidence, don’t you think? There are a lot of people with the name, ___________ (your name). And how on earth could I trust what is inside?!? I don’t even know who it is from! Oh, you’re right. There is a name and return address there. But what is it about? How could I find out? I guess I could rip open the envelope and read it!

Do you know what? Every single one of us has received an extremely important and special message just for us! It’s God’s Word, the Bible! We know it was written to help us know God and how to have a friendship with Him because it says so. And the only way we can learn what’s in it is to open it up and read it.

A child is looking through the pages of the Bible.

But there are some people today who question if the Bible is real and if we can count on it. They may wonder, “It’s so old. There must be lots of mistakes in it. Can I really trust that it is from God?”

Did you know that we have archaeological evidence that the Bible we read today is the same message that was written down many, many years ago?

Almost 75 years ago a shepherd was wandering out in the country near the Dead Sea. When he came across a cave and tossed a rock inside, he noticed a funny sound. It was the sound of a broken pot. When he looked inside, he found clay pots filled with ancient scrolls. A long time ago people didn’t write on paper and have books like we do today. They used scrolls made of animal skin or papyrus.

Over the next ten years they discovered ten more caves in the area called Qumran (koom-raan). Across all the caves they found over 900 scrolls! Among the scrolls were writings from every single book in the Old Testament, except for the book of Esther.

And guess what? Even though they had been hidden in a cave for many years, and are over a thousand years old, they match what our Bible says today!

These “Dead Sea Scrolls” prove that God has made sure the Bible we have today is the same Bible He wrote and wanted us to have. We can trust God’s Word to be true!

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