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Everyday Moments

Have you ever used animals, rocks, coins, food, or other objects to communicate a message?

God has! Jesus, the greatest teacher of all time, often used everyday objects to teach important lessons.

Throughout the Gospels we see Christ using ordinary things like sheep, seeds, and sparrows to help his audience understand extraordinary truth about God. We also see that the vast majority of his teaching didn’t occur in a classroom or an official religious gathering, but rather in the common moments of everyday life.

Christ modeled the God-given directive of diligently teaching when you sit, walk, lie down, and get up (See Deuteronomy 6:5-9.) We can follow his example by using his methods to impart spiritual truth to children. We can ask God for wisdom to notice teachable moments that happen all around us and use them to point kids to Christ.

Finding a frog in the yard can prompt a discussion about God the Creator.

A trophy could kick off a conversation about giving God first place.

A handful of sand can illustrate the depths of God’s love.

Even a sibling squabble is an opportunity to teach about grace, forgiveness, and mercy!

As we use everyday objects and opportunities to impart spiritual truth in everyday moments, we are following the example of the greatest teacher ever!

Nathan Hamilton

Nathan Hamilton is a devoted husband and father of four. He is also the founder of Kids Enjoying Jesus, a ministry with a mission to serve along with Christian families and churches to guide children on the journey of knowing and enjoying Jesus. They create and share curriculum, ideas, encouragement, and resources that will help the body of Christ share the love and joy of Jesus with kids.

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