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IMPACT KiDS! is a ministry that takes place beyond the church walls, reaching kids in your neighborhood: in after school public elementary schools, community centers, apartment complexes, and more.


There is an ongoing battle for the hearts and lives of kids today- and there are many children who have never been inside a church building. These children have deep, tough questions about God and the Bible. They have real worries and challenges. And, they live in a world that insists there are no absolutes. We cannot continue to overlook them. 

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IMPACT KiDS! Curriculum


Every lesson has the Good News of Jesus at its core and seeks to lead the next generation to understand how to have a relationship with Him!


Every teaching has personal, spiritual growth as its goal.


Every lesson gives ample defense of the Gospel in simple, everyday language.


Every lesson is written in a way that is relatable and relevant to the lives of the kids of today.

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Elementary Classroom
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How Does It Work?

All IMPACT KiDS! curriculum, training and resources are free to our partnering churches!

We are here to partner, provide resources, to help strategize and plan, but an IMPACT KiDS! after school program is a ministry of the local church.

Here are next steps to launching IMPACT KiDS! in your community!

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