It's a God Story!
Spring 2021

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Kids!  We need them to sustain human life on planet earth!

And the birth of every child is God's announcement that He's not finished with us yet. After all, "children are our heritage from the Lord." (Psalm 127:3)

Literally, they are our inheritance passed down to us from God Himself. Who will love them? Who will teach them? Who will show them the way to Jesus?

It all started with a burden, an idea, and a strategy. And God gave them all. 

God placed on the hearts of Next Generation IMPACT (NGI)'s 3 founders a heavy burden: the reality that 80% of American children, teenagers, and families don’t go to church and that the vast majority of churches aren’t teaching their people to stand or reach out into their communities for Christ.

So what’s the BIG idea with NGI?


We're impressing on believers that it is our responsibility alone as God’s people to go to the spiritually lost and hurting and not expect them to come to us. The idea is written plainly in Matthew 28. 

So how could that possibly happen through NGI?

We've defined a strategy of creating opportunities and training materials for believers to GO and reach, mentor, and empower the next generation. This is accomplished through fun outreach events and trainings online and in-person, reaching children and teenagers in their schools, and families in their neighborhoods and communities. 

And we need your help to make this mission a reality! Here's how to get involved with us:


  1. Send this link to your church leadership and invite them to partner with Next Generation IMPACT to reach children for Christ in your community!

  2. Donate! When you give to Next Generation IMPACT, you’re training volunteers and mentors, starting new after-school programs, providing student scholarships, and creating innovative materials that speak the language of today's youth so they can grow into strong Christian leaders for tomorrow.

  3. Learn how you can get involved with Next Generation IMPACT and be a part of our mission to change the trajectory of kids’ lives in your community!

How do we know God is leading

Next Generation IMPACT?

What would have taken us several years of work establishing our own non-profit, God expedited in several months. Only 3 months ago (Feb’21) we applied to operate as a DBA (Doing Business As) under another like-minded non-profit ministry foundation. Three months later and the President and Board have released the entire foundation to us! 

It’s a God story!

If you'd like to get involved with Next Generation IMPACT to reach kids for Christ and be a part of the momentum, consider partnering with us using the 3 steps above, or request more information by emailing

We look forward to talking to you!