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A "Night of IMPACT" is an event sponsored by the local church (or group of churches) at any local venue to impact kids and their families for Christ!

It is a fun night filled with exciting activities... but the most important part is sharing the Gospel and giving kids the opportunity to respond to this life-changing message. Kids who are a part of your church can and invite and serve their friends and classmates.

Churches that partner with Next Generation IMPACT receive all the tools that they need to pull off an event that honors God and begins the process of transforming their campus for Christ through the outreach efforts of the kids of the church.

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Our world is changing. We have a generation of children who have never heard Bible stories; they have no idea of who God is or what Jesus has done for them. Sadly, this is due to 80-85% of children in the last few generations being unengaged with the church.

The idea of the Great Commission is to go! With church attendance declining, now more than ever, we must go. We must take this seriously and go outside our walls to reach our community.


Jesus accepted, valued and even prioritized children. He knew the heart  of a child was important and it should be that important to us! 

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This outreach event is planned, organized, and led by a local church. Kids from the church help by personally inviting their friends and classmates as well as serving the night of the event.


Adult volunteers from the church also help with registration, games and activities, the Gospel presentation, and counseling children who respond to the Invitation.

After the event, the church does follow up on all of those that respond to the message or do not have a church home. 

Ready to bring Night of IMPACT to the kids and families of your community?

Contact us today!

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