Children Arriving at School


Leave a lasting legacy for the next generation
by joining others in a MULTIPLY group
to pray & raise funds to introduce kids to Jesus



MULTIPLY members pay it forward to keep all Next Generation IMPACT curriculum FREE of charge for all churches, organizations, and individuals! MULTIPLY members make it possible for Next Generation IMPACT to fund hundreds of Christian events and after-school programs that create life-change for kids in your community. Prayer is the foundation of all we do. And giving provides children with the necessary resources to reach their hearts for Jesus.

Each new ministry area requires roughly $120,000 to be fully funded. One MULTIPLY group can reach up to 10,000 children for Christ!

How Does It Work?

When you join a MULTIPLY group, you’re joining others who commit to praying and funding an entire area’s needs for the year. Every prayer you offer & dollar you give is used to develop materials, tools, and resources, train volunteers, provide & distribute effective learning curriculum, and create Christian-led programs and events for kids in your area.


How Much Should I Commit to MULTIPLY?

Your MULTIPLY contribution should be an amount that is impactful to you!

Each member prayerfully commits to their share of the area’s yearly budget based on their individual ability, not a set amount. Multiply IMPACT groups are about equal sacrifice - not equal giving. 


Who Is In My

MULTIPLY groups may include up to 100 members-or more- and have two things in common: being committed to building the Kingdom with prayer and working together to fund a specific Next Generation IMPACT area to impact kids for Christ. 

If you'd like to join or join a current group in your area, use the signup form below to get started!

If you're interested in starting a new group of churches, business associates, or other Kingdom-minded friends in your network, send us an email at i and we'll get you set up so you can start impacting your community!


What will I receive
as a MULTIPLY member?

In addition to a receipt of your tax-deductible contribution,

you’ll get access to email updates about our programs, postcards throughout the year featuring stories of the children you’re impacting, and invitations to our annual IMPACT celebrations!


When you commit to joining a MULTIPLY group,
you’re helping create a lasting legacy that will impact children for years to come!

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