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Residential Neighborhood


Impact Your Neighborhood This Summer!

"Rock Your Block" is designed to be a five day summer outreach that believers can host in their homes, backyards, neighborhoods, or anywhere in your community. It's a lot like taking VBS to them!

This year's theme is emotions. We all have them. In fact, God is the one who gave us emotions. Kids will learn how God made them in His image and how they can have a relationship with God that starts now and lasts forever!

  • DAY 1: Got Emotions? Talk to God. 

  • DAY 2: I Don't Have to Be Scared.

  • DAY 3: What's that Yucky Feeling? (guilt and shame)

  • DAY 4: Anger. It's Complicated.

  • DAY 5: It's Okay to Feel Sad.


The kit comes with everything you need: detailed supply lists, customizable flyers, daily devotion sheets, hands-on games and activities, printables, snack ideas, help with brainstorming, logos and graphics, and Bible teaching that teaches kids what God's Word says about our emotions and how He wants us to handle them. It's five days that will literally "rock your block" as kids' lives are changed when they meet Jesus!

And just like all of our resources- it's totally free!

Are these really free? Is there a catch?

They are really free with no strings attached.
We are able to develop and provide FREE resources and curriculum thanks to our generous supporters.

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